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Hey everyone, SarahSaysSo here!

This is a compilation video of what we are hoping to do for the flashmob!

In the words of admin Danielle:
"THIS is the video you want to use for the dances. Remember, all videos are mirrored, and the parts with color washed out are transitional scenes rather than dance parts."
And, in regards to the parts of the dances you can’t see:
"We’ll have dance tutorials posted up for those parts later on. But in the meantime, this is just a preview/compilation of what parts are getting done."

Check it out!

and remember to keep spreading the word! We want our very own Super Show 4!!!

join the group here >

We need more members!

We need to show how much we on the east coast want Super Junior here!!

Please reblog this or any of our posts to spread the word!!

If there’s anything you can do to promote us and help to get the word out more widely, I humbly ask that you do so!

If I remember SMTown correctly, there were tons of ELF there… so where are all of you guys?!?

Please please everyone join the group!!

We Want SS4 in NYC!!

If you do too please reblog to spread the news!!

Please join our facebook group here:

The more people we have in our group, the more of an impact we make!

Please don’t overlook this! The We Want SMTown NYC group really did make a difference!!

This isn’t just for people in NYC! I am from upstate and one of our admins is even from South Carolina! This is for anyone and everyone who would even think of coming to Super Show if it were here!

Let’s do this! Fighting!!

"We Want SS4 in New York City!" presents Project: Super Show 4 NYC

After the huge success of SMTown NYC and the recent kickoff the Super Show World Tour, our goal is to make NYC one of the stops in this grand world tour, in addition to LA (which they have a high chance of visiting) and other major cities in the USA. Please support us in our goal to show SM Entertainment the power of New York City’s ELFs. 

Our plans include a flashmob that will knock the media off their feet and a dance mash-up video dedicated to our precious boys.

A dance tutorial will be made with the lineup so please look out for that. 

But for now, just keep spreading the word!

Please like our Facebook page for recent updates on our project:

Thank you and keep reblogging! <3

Note: Official information has not been released on all of the stops in the Super Show World Tour. 

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